Booking Process

These are the steps in booking a course or private guided days with us:

  1. Look through our website and check what you would like to do.
  2. Make a general request or make a request from one of our course pages.
  3. We need all potential participants to fill out our participants’ form.
  4. We will check if a course is suitable for you and the available spaces and present you with an offer.
  5. A booking is finalized once a deposit payment has cleared our accounts. We only accept payments by bank transfers.
  6. You should familiarise yourself with our “General Terms and Conditions.”  
  7. We strongly advise you to buy “cancellation insurance.” This insurance must be bought at the same time you are paying the deposit.
  8. The balance due will have to be transferred to our accounts two months before your arrival or as otherwise agreed upon.

Extracts from “General Terms & Conditions”

Below you will find the most important details about the conditions set for booking courses and trips with us.
As they are extracts of the information we find most important, they will differ slightly in the extent of the content found on the actual Terms page, which will always stand as the reference for any booked tour.


To ensure the safety and well-being of our participants, we require that anyone under the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian when joining our trips.

The participant is responsible for providing honest and accurate information while filling out the booking form. Participants should not omit any necessary or essential information.

If a participant is unsure about their fitness level, they should seek advice from a sports trainer or coach to assist them in assessing their abilities. Participants should consult a doctor for a medical examination if they have any health-related concerns.

The information provided by the participant is critical for us to provide advice and determine whether a trip is appropriate for the participant. This is especially important for group tours, where a set goal requires a specific technical level, fitness, and good health. While we will do our best to provide guidance, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to assess accurately whether a participant is fit and healthy enough for the trip.


Participants must take personal responsibility for ensuring that they are adequately insured for the activities they will be participating in, including mountain rescue (helicopter), hospitalization, repatriation to their home country, and other necessary coverage. It is essential that participants ensure their insurance policy includes adequate coverage for these activities.

We strongly recommend that participants purchase cancellation insurance!

NM will provide a confirmation of your booking and a summary of your payment information to assist with insurance claims when needed.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by client

You may cancel your participation in the trip at any time by providing written notice via email or letter to Asmus Norreslet. The date of receipt of your cancellation notice will be used as a reference for processing your cancellation.

Our cancellation rules and charges:

Duration before the start of the courseLoss
More than 90 days before the start dateLoss of deposit
40-89 days before the start dateLoss of 50% of the course fee
Less than 39 days before the start date100% loss of course fee

We hope you understand that this cancellation policy is necessary for us to fulfill our responsibility of booking huts and guides, and it allows us to guarantee trips as early as possible.

Cancellation by NM

We reserve the right to cancel trips and tours up to 3 weeks before the planned departure for any of the reasons stated below:

We don’t have enough participants required to run the trip.

Extreme conditions make the trip impossible to run (Force majeure, strikes, political instability, foreign office recommendations, etc.).

Should we cancel a trip, we will do our best to suggest an alternative trip on other dates or propose an alternative solution. If, for some reason, this is not suitable, a full refund of the paid amount to our account will be made.

If we should cancel a trip, we cannot be held liable for any costs you might have had related to this booking or any cost not included in our service. These expenses could include but are not limited to, flights, insurance, and personal gear.

If a working guide wakes up sick or some other important circumstance must interrupt his/hers engagement, we can be forced to adjust the guide ratio. We will do our best to replace the guide quickly and adjust our activities and route choice not to compromise safety.