Privacy and cookie policy

We take our customers privacy very serious and hope this page will help you understand just how. Here is a list of ways our website interact with its users and how this information is processed.

Forms – When you fill out a form on this webpage the form content is emailed to our office. We keep this information stored on our computers so we can contact you and using the information provided for recommendations, trip planning, advice, contacts etc.

Email – If you wish to receive our newsletter you have the option to sign up on various places on the website. If you like to unsubscribe you can always do this by either clicking unsubscribe on the actual newsletters or by contacting us directly.

Comments – If you comment on our website and wish to correct or delete such a comment you cannot do this directly from the site. You can contact us and we do it for you.

Testimonials – It happens that we use your “thank you” or general comments about a trip in our testamonial section. If you want to have a comment removed just contact us and we will do it for you.

Media – We use pictures or videos taken of you during our trips and courses in our promotional material. Participating on our courses you automatically accept that you might appear in image or likeness in material such as web, printed material, videos or other here not defined medium. We do not sell pictures or video onto 3rd parties without the specific consent of you. Pictures shared by NM to clients should be used only for private use. Please respect this and take contact if you like to use any images for any commercial use.
If you do not wish to participate in this media exchange please let your guide know at the beginning of the trip.

Cookies – Our website use various “cookies”. A cookie is a small text-file that is send to and then stored on your computer when you visit a website. Some cookies are necessary for the site to function properly and to ensure the best viewing experience. Other cookies that are not entirely necessary for the site to function helps us gather information for statistics use. We do not share any information with 3rd party advertising cookies.

What kind of cookie?

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Managing cookies

You can at any time switch off cookies in your browser. How you do this will depend on the browser you are using.
We do not recommend this as it will block you from important site functions such as placing an order and could result in a less interesting user experience when viewing the site.

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