Travers of the Chrochues
Intermediate Level | Private Guiding
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♦ Experienced UIAGM/IFMGA mountain guides
♦ Chamonix classic
♦ Great for teaching skills
♦ Exciting exposure

  • Location | Chamonix
  • Season | June - September
  • dURATION | 1 days
  • Guide Ratio | 1-3
  • Alpine Grade | PD+
  • Technical Level | 2
  • Fitness | B
  • Minimum Age | 15

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The traverse of the Aiguilles des Chrochues is a Chamonix classic. The route has lots of interest with one hour approach on either snow or rock-scree, depending on the season. The access to the ridge involves climbing a grade 3 chimney, but the rest of the climb, while airy and somewhat exposed, offer easy and fun climbing.
It can be climbed in mountaineering boots as training for other objectives and, if all, dry in approach shoes.
The descent down past the Lac Blanc is a great way to finish a nice day out.

We use the lifts to get to the Index above La Flegere. From here, we have about one hour of walking and scrambling to reach the pass just right of the Pointe Gaspard.

The ridge starts from the pass. A grade 3/4 chimney pitch gives access to the Chrochues ridge line. An interesting mix of airy ridge climbing, a small rappel, and shorter pitches of climbing takes us to the top of Aiguille Chrochues 2837m N summit. The views are fantastic, and the situation across from the Mont Blanc massif is a real treat.

We continue climbing along the ridge towards the south and the highest summit, 2840m. The climbing is easy, and we get into a good flow.

The ridge is not long but very good for a stunning day out or as part of an alpine course learning skills. There is plenty of stuff to learn on this easy ridge. Technics that can be used anywhere in the mountains. The relatively low difficulty allows the guide to let a competent team climb independently, surveying their progression.

We continue down a broken path to the famous Lac Blanc, a busy tourist venue during mid-summer. We join the many “Lac Blanc pilgrims” on their way back to the mid-station of the Flegere.

Grading: 2/B

Please read more about course & tour grades by following this link – “Grading Page.”

Technical Level

We are on an easily graded climb, where you can always climb with big boots and thin gloves. If you have previous climbing experience, you will enjoy the flow of climbing on an easy rock in a magnificent position. If this is your first alpine rock climb, you might get very challenged, as some technical climbing will demand your full attention, or you maybe feel a bit nervous about the exposure on certain parts of the ridge.

The approach and the descent are quite long, and a good footing is required coming across scree slopes and rough pathways down to the Lac Blanc.


You can expect a relatively hard day with a steep approach, airy climbing, and a fairly long descent. Being in good shape and not unaccustomed to being out and about in 5-6h is advisable.

Price & Booking

Please request a quote by contacting us. We will calculate a price considering the group size, mountain hut, guide expense, number of days booked, etc.

Please also fill out our “Participation Form” below. We can help you better if you provide us with more information. This also allows you to share important details we can give to the guide.


We are climbing on a rocky ridge at a moderate altitude of 2800m. You could climb this ridge with light clothing on a warm summer day. You should bring some water/windproof garments for the upper body as it can get cold if wind or clouds roll in.

The guide will let you know if you need gear for a snowy approach or more heavy-duty rain gear if the weather is foul.

If the climb is part of an alpine course, the guide will tell you what additional technical gear to bring (ropes, etc.).

Other Routes

Voie Ravanel – D+/400m – Long rock climb leading to the summit of the Aiguilles des Chrochues
The SE face of Petitte Aiguille Chrochue – D-/100m – 4 pitches of good climbing to the Chrochues ridge.
Voie Gaspard 1er – D+/200m – Fun rock-climb of 8 pitches to the Pointe Caspard 2741m. Downclimb to the col des Chrochues.